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Outstanding Quality of Education

With around 4,500 higher education institutions, all providing world-class degree programs, it is no wonder that just over 1.1 million international students choose the US as their study destination each year. Higher education is delivered in institutions referred to as colleges, which are split into two main types. Public colleges are state-funded, have lower tuition fees and a larger capacity for students. Private colleges are funded by donations, tuition fees and grants, meaning that they have higher tuition fees, but fewer students.

Many of the colleges or universities in the US are leaders in numerous ranking tables. This means that a qualification earned at a US institution will be highly regarded by employers worldwide. In the 2022 QS World University rankings, the US has 4 institutions in the top 10. It also occupies 28 spots in the top 100. The highest ranked university is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which takes first place. It is followed by Stanford University and Harvard University in third and fifth place respectively.

Reasons to study in USA:

Financial Assistance

In some situations, financial assistance is provided to international students. Most of the universities financially support international students either in the form of providing teaching or research assistantships. These assistantships are based on academic merit, rather than financial need. Awarded students will receive stipends, and/or either partial or full tuition waivers. In some cases, a student’s education could turn out to be completely free if the student exhibits exceptional skills in his or her field of study. Students also have the opportunity to receive grants, loans, and scholarships from various organizations.

Scholarship Opportunities:

Job Opportunities – Research, Training and Teaching opportunities:

The United States is proud of its technological advancements, and it has ensured that all levels of education are quite well with cutting-edge technology. With simple access to data and other technology, this makes the student’s life much easier. It said that technology plays an important role in research and development, and American universities have ensured that they really do not fall behind in terms of the development of their facilities and students by implementing new strategies and tools to the learning curve.

Post-Study Work Opportunities:

A student can work under OPT (Optional Practical Training) and CPT (Curricular Practical Training).If your field of study is a STEM-designated one, you can work for additional 2 years typically after your graduation. Please note that regardless of your major, you can work for 1 year under OPT. Under both OPT & CPT, students are entitled to work full time which can strengthen their resumes while helping them make some money at the same time.

Safe Place to live in:

Campuses in the USA are safe and have very few cases of casualty. International students and their parents could sleep well knowing the fact that every campus has campus security and student’s safety is not at all compromised in the US universities. Overall, living in the USA is very safe but like anywhere else in the world you will need to be mindful of your surroundings and what you do from your side to stay as safe as possible.

 Cultural diversity:

The US is a melting pot of different cultures, races and ethnicities. Its diverse environment ensures that there is acceptance among all communities and there is no room for any sort of discrimination. You’ll be learning with students from different regions of the world thereby making it a rich and stimulating education experience. Growing in the midst of diversity will provide you with strong personality traits and skills that will be valuable in the international market. These days employers prefer students with a multicultural background, which you would get a great taste of in the US. A one of a kind international exposure, the US will help you explore a variety of cuisines, customs, festivals and art too.

Global Recognition of Degree & Wide Variety of Programs to Study

An international degree opens up a plethora of career opportunities, and a degree from a reputable university broadens the range even further. Because of the diverse insight into different fields of study offered by universities in the USA, it broadens the scope of the career path that students choose, and it is well known that international companies look for candidates who offer them a different take or perspective on their products. If you want to study something specific, chances are there is a school in the United States that offers that program.